Capture the attention of your audience.

Using AI to build instant user preferences and dynamically surface the right content.

On average our customers have seen a...

If they are on your website they are probably looking for something you have. Now you have a under 5 seconds to convince them that you really do.

We can help you with...

Content Overload

Surface relevant and engaging content to every user instantly resulting in higher retention

Unknown Users

Personalise your user's content experience wihtout the need for login or historic knowldge about them

The CognativeX Transformation

1 Listen & Monitor

Integrate our script & start collecting your users behavioural data relative to your content. Understand what they are consuming and how they are consuming it.

2 Experiment & Analyse

Process and analyse the data using AI and bespoke machine learning algorithms built to understand the deep preferences of your users. Experiment with what content users are consuming and engaging with the most to create a real data oriented content strategy.

3 Personalise & Target

Serve personlaised content to your users through native experiences powered by our bespoke machine learning algorithms. Find out what your users are most interested in and least interested in.

4 Refine & Learn

Our AI infrastructure serves recommendations and then listens to the activity of the user to continuously evolve and refine their user preferences profile. Delve deeper than basic preference themes.

Built for user-centric companies like yours

From publishers to brands, we help any organisation to increase audience retention, engagement, and loyalty

Increase the average time spent on your website

Increase the number of pages consumed per visit

Decrease the bounce rate and single page view sessions on your website

Resurface your old content and increase their visibility

Target and personalize your content to the right consumers

Explore your user's preferences and learn from your data

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